Therapy with a Twist

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Communication Skills Workshop

 To communicate effectively with other people, not only do we need to be self-aware, but also know the impact of our style of communication on other people. We need to use a range of skills in different situations based on different personalities. This highly practical course helps you to understand your strengths and develop your own communication styles through many group exercises and interactive content.

This course is designed to help individuals to communicate assertively and positively to get maximum results.

Let's Talk About Anxiety

A FREE Informative Talk on Anxiety
An overview of what anxiety is and the different types.

Looking at the emotional and physical symptoms, understanding how ‘normal’ symptoms are misread.  How we develop the ‘fear of the fear’.
Self-help ways to Overcome anxiety; The Friend Method, Herbal Remedies, Exercise and Diet, Breathing, Food Supplements, Relaxation Activities.

Healthy Mind & Body Workshop

An afternoon looking at;

The importance of our breath, the way we breathe can help us through the most stressful times of our lives.
Symptoms of inefficient breathing.
Breathing exercises and breathing meditation.

The Healthy Mind Platter - understanding the benefits of various nutrients for our mental health.  How we should
try and fit them into  our lives to improve our creativity
and mental performance.

Light lunch and resfreshments

Mindfulness - What is mindfulness?  How we can fit it
into our daily lives to help keep us calm.  
Mindful walking meditation (weather permitting!).

Meditation - The myths surrounding meditation.
A short guided meditation.

Finishing our afternoon with a full visual guided
meditation of around 30 mins.

Stress Management in the Workplace

Total number of working days lost due to Work-related Stress, anxiet  and Depression in 2015/16 was 11.7 million days.  In 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health.

Managing stress within the workplace is vital for the overall morale of the company.  High levels of stress affect decision-making, productivity, interpersonal relationships and much more…  can you afford the cost implications of not addressing stress issues within your workplace or company?​​